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30 Day Trail

30 Day Trail

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The EpiHug is a device that addresses both the positioning and anxiety challenges surrounding neuraxial anesthesia.

Neuraxial anesthesia is one of the most commonly provided forms of anesthesia in the US. Its use is seen frequently in obstetrics as well as orthopedics and various other specialties in the form of epidurals, spinals, or combined spinal-epidurals. 

The EpiHug provides a template for patients to easily attain the correct position and provides stability to reduce torsional, lateral, and anterior movement of the patient.

If you are not satisfied send it back after 30 days will refund your purchase.


Hypo-allergenic and absorbent medical grade fiber.



Urethane foam structure

Skinned foam exterior for easy
cleaning with disinfecting wipes

18” x  24” x 8” in / 460 x 610 x 203 mm

8 lbs / 3.6 kg

Designed & Manufactured in USA

US Patent

International Patent Pending

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